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Farm solution vs Sandbox solution vs App Model

Sand Box Solution:   1.       Introduced in SP2010 and are partially trusted. 2.       Solution must be deployed by site collection administrators and above 3.       Solution is deployed to site collection Solution Gallery 4.       Runs in a separate process – SPUCWorkerProcess.exe which isolates from SharePoint worker process 5.       Dlls are copied to file system only, when a request made to sandbox objects for the first time. This is taken care by SPUCHostService.exe 6.       Strict CAS policy is defined for sandboxed solutions, limiting the functionality 7.       Control is given to site collection administrators instead of relying on Farm admins 8.       Allows you access services using CSOM.   Limitations: 1.       Code can’t read/write files in file system.(example application pages, Mobile pages and Visual Webparts)         2.       No BCS(Server need to have a Sandbox worker process, so that it can be utilized by sandbox solution 3.       No cus