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Application page vs Site page in SharePoint 2010

There are different types of pages available in SharePoint Foundation 2010. I am addressing here primary page types, Application Page and Site page. Application Pages: Application pages are stored in physical file system, i.e., \14\Template\Layouts\. Since stored in physical location, these are accessible across Web Application We can add server code as In-line or code behind Do not have dynamic Web Parts or Web Part zones but can have Static web parts Application pages are not cusotmizable by end users. These are controlled by web application administrators Generally these pages are used when custom code is required, and should be available through out the web application 7. These are parsed in direct mode., Compiled initially and cached. Site Pages: When a site page is created first time a reference is stored in content db. When end user customizes the page, reference in content db is replaced with site page. These are customizable using browser or SPD