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Delete dupliate rows

Delete duplicate rows - sql server 2005

Localization and globalization in

Good article for localization and globalization:

How to install sql server 2005?

Steps to install sql server 2005 can be found at: You need to install the following, 1. Windows installer Note: No need of installing windows installer for server 2003 sp1,sp2 2. SQLEXPR.EXE 3. SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi Download links SQLEXPR.EXE SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi If you get client systems error 'doesn't allow remote connections' then follow these steps, start -> programmers -> microsoft sql server 2005 -> configuration tools -> sql server surface area configuration #1 enable sql browser services #2 set the appropriate type for remote connections #3 Stop and start modified services. Happy Installation.
Cscript.exe iisback.vbs /s tech11 /u administrator /p hmsr_2008 /backup /b "D:\hosting\iis_01-08-09.xml" URLS: Cscript.exe iisback.vbs /s srv1 /u Administrator /p DCserver2009 /backup /b iis_backup_01_08-09 iisback /restore /b C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\MetaBack\MetaBack\Initial Backup - created automatically by IIS setup.SC1 /s tech11 /u administrator /p hmsr_2008

backup iis

Cscript.exe iisback.vbs /s srv1 /u Administrator /p DCserver2009 /backup /b iis_backup_01_08-09