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Interview Questions

MS.NET: Oops A to Z •  How to implement two interfaces when they have a method with the same signature? •  Explain the scenario where you will use Abstract class, Interface? And explain the differences? Differences between stored proc and a function Is sqlconnection managed or unmanaged code? Explain the reasons? Explain about Garbage collection? How will you call explicitly garbage collection? How will you handle unmanaged code with the help of Garbage collection? What namespaces are used in ADO.NET What is the difference between delete() and remove() methods of Datagrid row? How to use unmanaged code in a .net application? Explain about design patterns? What are application blocks? Difference between [Proctected Internal] and Internal? Difference between data reader and dataset? Optimization techniques •  Application level •  Database level •  how to find out the performance bottlenecks in deployed application and what are their solutions? What are collections and gene