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Features in SP 2010 Deployment scope of Features Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, Web Site The Feature scope is determined by the setting of the Scope attribute in the Feature element defined in the feature.xml file A sample Feature element tag is given below: Id = "F62C96CF-79FD-44be-8882-E9BFBD199184" Title = "Feature Title" Description = "Feature Description" Version = "" Scope = "Site" Hidden = "false" > Web Site scoped Feature (Scope="Web"): A Web Site scoped Feature is one that can be activated only at the individual Web site level. List templates, list instances, custom actions, event receivers, etc are the some common elements for web site scoped features. Web Site scoped features can be activated by using: Run the following STSADM command: stsadm - o installfeature - name FeatureFolderName – url http : //servername/site/subsite Site
What is Feature Stapling in SharePoint Development